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The Impact of Cyberattacks on Healthcare Patients: Key Takeaways

Out of all the industries that are affected by cyber attacks, the healthcare industry seemed the least vulnerable. This is a misconception. It has always been at the forefront of cyberattacks. The reason is that it has large amounts of sensitive patient data. This data is collected and stored for providing patients with better care and facilities.  According to recent research, patients have claimed that hacking of data has led to their records being leaked to hackers.

How Cyber Attacks Affect Healthcare Patients

  • Using Sensitive Data for Ransom

Attackers use sensitive patient information for ransom. Ransomware allows them to get data from the health care system and hold it. They only release the data when they have been paid a specific amount of money or required ransom.

Only in the last year ransomware attacks on health care organizations has increased by 34%. This is a very straightforward situation. Data is held captive until an amount is paid.

  • Network Disruptions

Another direct attack on the health care industry is the attack on hospitals. The attack on Eskenazi Health, a health foundation, confirmed a cyber attack in October. Even after many days, the hospital saw a redirection of ambulances which caused network disruption.

How Should The Health Care Sector Defend Them?

Going for cyber insurance is a good idea. Making regular security checks and using the best anti-virus system can help a lot. So, it is important to keep an eye out and protect data.

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